Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When I go to buy clothes I have a theme in my head of what I want to buy.
Recently that theme has been...ROCK-ISH STYLE!! lol(o>ω
I want to buy Logo T's with Red & Black!! still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for><;
But i do have a few shirts i consider "rock-ish" lol^^

The shirt that I'm wearing in the pic↑↑ I actually bought last year, (before my rock phase lol)
I got it at H&M, I think it looks ROCK-ISH, right??

Oh oh and I kinda tried to make my hair ONII-KEI ish, with the bangs, and messy top. (^▽^*)♪
...Maybe not↓↓ lol

BYE x02 (o^-^o)/  ☆

1 comment:

kIMMEy said...

Ur eyez are so prettii!!
Little Rockaaa! LOL