Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1st Day/Thanks

Today was my first day of Gym!!!
I was kinda annoyed that i had gym in the first place, but
since i'm gonna have to take it from now on until i graduate high school...
so i kinda had to get over that. lol

BUT i was surprised that i actually had fun at gym!
We played HANDBALL!! it's fun!! i even got the ball in the goal a few times!!(^▽^)
not that many people know what handball is though lol
I'm starting to like my new schedule!^^
But it seems that my new classes are gonna assign A LOT of work!!↓↓

Speaking of schedule...i have been sticking to using my monthly planner!!
I wasn't sure if i would, so i'm proud!!

The picture is January!⤴⤴ i like how it looks lol
February still doesn't look as busy and colorful yet, hopefully it will though><;

OHHH!! and everybody that comments, thank you sooo much!!><
and the people who read my blog, thank you soo much!!
I was actually surprised people were reading, none the less commenting!!! lol


Starglowz said...

Your welcome! your blog is fun!

Blu-Cherri said...

ive commented few times before n ur welcome!! u always post cute pics!!

Anonymous said...

first time i comment but i have been reading for a while

Anonymous said...

first time commenting! i like your blog

ipoddock said...

beenn reading lately!! i really like your hair BTW