Thursday, February 19, 2009


Recently i have been really 1448220236497ab84d57320.gifwanting to get...7598044274998d56624be8.gif

new CONVERSE13528362104998d5f58e594.gif
I wanna get them in a Navy/Blue-ish color!
Not royal blue!! lol^^;
I love converse they are mostly all i wear 2068211347498e96a96910d.gif

These are the ones i wanna get⤵⤵

Well actually that kinda looks like DENIM↑ right...

Anyways, was looking at  the prices and they changed A LOT13528362104998d5f58e594.gif
When i was in middle school, and even last year i bought 
Converse for like 20 dollars, ounce i bought Converse for about 13 dollars!あせる
Too bad i'm not much of a 63467938547da7ac9d986b.gifFLASHY63467938547da7ac9d986b.gif dresser because i saw those shoes, in that color, in a magazine but with RED laces!! It looked really cool 809876029494b02c245826.gif
I wanna try!!ウインク

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DoubleDeez said...

I love converse, I think they are the most comfortable shoes I have. Though...mine are so painfully beat up. I think the denim-y looking ones are cute though. Hope to talk to you soon!