Friday, February 13, 2009


Today i woke up earlier to make cookies for my classmates!!! (≧∪≦)
I made 32, i knew it was not enough but i couldn't spend
all morning baking cookies lol

I didn't have cookie cutters, but i also did not want to use any, so i tried my best to make them heart shaped!!♥♥ lol

Everyone said they were really1448220236497ab84d57320.gif good!! A lot of people wanted more!! i was really happy (⌒∇⌒)☆*。
I think i will start making things for my classmates more often lol4669044594961eeb3b3e56.gif ^^


Well Winter Vacation started~!!!!><
I have a feeling it's gonna be boring lol



Starglowz said...

very cute! those are some lucky classmates lol

Anonymous said...

omg u r too cute! i wanna go to school with u lol
oh and btw i have a question for te q&a!
wat are u like at school?
were is ur favorite places to buy clothes?
Thanks&&good luck