Monday, February 9, 2009


That word confuse people sometimes.
Like when i tell someone in my family that i wanna go on a diet
they're like "WHAT?!? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?" lol
They think it means i wanna get skinnier or something lol

But i have been on a.... "DIET" recently
If you consider eating a lot of Bananas, and drinking A LOT of water a "diet" (i do)
I just REALLY want nice skin!!! and i hear that helps a lot so i drink a lot of water lol

I hope it's working!!!><;

I also do stretches in the morning and before i go to bed!!^^

Doing my best, doing my best, doing my best....

Ok soo, not to brag or anything but people tell me that i have a small face, i take that as a compliment!
I like having a small face and too maintain my SMALL FACE, i use a Face Roller!!!!

This is what goes through my mind while im rolling my face, kinda like an inspiration


Anonymous said...

I thought that I was the only one who noticed your small face;)
Good Luck on your diet!:)

Blu-Cherri said...

Omg ur face is small!! LOL Best wishes with your diet and Grades

kIMMEy said...

8oz a day is good!! GANBATE!^-^

Anonymous said...

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