Friday, March 13, 2009

Dove SkinVitalizer & Wants

So i mentioned that i was gonna blog about what i thought about the Dove SkinVitalizer! sorry it's so late i kinda got distracted lol ^^;

I'm really happy with this product!! It was so cheap!
I personally use after i wash my face with my cleanser (Proactiv Renewing Cleanser)
it leaves my skin SOO SOFT!!! After i use it i tell everyone in my house to feel my face!! lol Thats probably not a very good idea if i wanna have nice skin lol


Now to my wants.....

I want the Korres Watermelon Body Scrub!!!
WATERMELON!!! doesn't that sound great?? lol
It's suppose to make your skin really soft, and i definitely want that! Even though I'm a boy my skin is surprisingly soft already. My cousin Samantha pets me like a dog because she says my skin is soft! lol .....awww i miss her!!! (;_;) lol
Body Scrub

i also want the Bliss All Around Eye Cream!
I really need something to moisturize my eye area during the day!!
But i don't think this has any SPF soo i'm not too sure.
All Around Eye Cream™

OOHH!! i also want a good, economical, moisturizer for dry skin, that has a a high SPF (much, much higher than SPF 15 would be good) 
But i don't know which one is good so....


OMG it's friday the 13th!!! lol

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