Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Koakuma"...? thanks

Hi everyone!!!!!

I'm so happy people are reading my blog!

When i first started this blog i said i wasn't sure if i would stick to writing in it, but since people are reading and commenting, i do my best to have something entertaining almost everyday!^^

OOH i want to explain something!!! Some people might be
 a little confused on the "Koakuma" part of my blog.
Koakuma is not just some other type of spin off of GYARU fashion. 
like this↓↓ Some people think thats all that "Koakuma" means. Or automatically associate it with Hostesses.  Obviously none of those two have anything to do with me lol.
"Koakuma" literally means demon, devil, rogue.
It's a personality/character. The only word that i could think of is like "Flirty" lol
So yea i've been meaning to say that since i first started my blog!! (^-^*)


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