Monday, March 9, 2009


るんるんi'm really excited about this!!るんるん

I  just discovered what Ulzzang was today!!! i saw the word around a few times but i didn't pay it any mind lol. 
click →HERE← if you don't know what it is!!
I was really surprised because when i Google 'Ulzzang' so much comes up, it's really popular!!><

I was never really that interested in Korean fashion/pop culture, i don't think i am now, i just thought i looked fun/interesting!! (^▽^)

Ulzzang looks like really good blog pictures to me lol^^

I made an attempt at Ulzzang....><; they look like normal pictures. 
i wish i had Photoshop!!! that would be fun to Photoshop the pictures, to make them real Uzzlang pictures lol^^

The best way i could describe them in japanese would probably be 



Anonymous said...

(2nd pic) it's the first time i see you with your bangs straight down, i like it!

Anonymous said...

wow these pics are so cute!! my favorites are the first, third, n fourth!!^-^

Anonymous said...
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