Thursday, February 18, 2010

olive oil

Hey!! its been such a long time since i posted like this but did you guys
know that olive oil is awesome?? lol

OMG its really good! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Yesterday i put it in my hair for 20 minutes then i shampooed and left my conditioner in for about 10 minutes.

Since i was kinda lazy i used a hair dryer and SEMI dried it and went to bed...

when i  woke up this morning my hair was so soft and shiny!!! 
i was really surprised!!! (・ω・)

I am DEFINITELY gonna do that more often!!

OHH i also read on a whole bunch of sites that its a good moisturizer! (in the night would be best)

I haven't tried putting it on my face YET

and it's not cause im scared of it breaking me out or something lol

I just wanna wait and buy my OWN bottle of olive oil
because i can't keep using up my family's bottle  LOL!!!

i am for sure gonna use olive oil a lot!!

Im not afraid of putting oils on my face because i use Coconut Oil, & Almond Oil

It's amazing

Recently my Skin Care routine has gotten soo easy and cheap!!
No more Proactiv for me!! lol

OHH and remember it has to be EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil!! ^^

Bye~!! & Thanks for always coming and commenting!! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful info! i will look into it! ^-^

Qi said...

You are the person I would want hair advice from! Because your hair is so beautiful! Prettier than most girls' hair! LOL Missed You

Anonymous said...

OOOH i'm really interested to hear about ur skincare routine!! sounds good! and it being a good price makes it even better!! LOL

Love You!

#L# said...

@Qi: then again he is prettier than most girls! hehe
I am happy u posted in english!!

Anonymous said...

i googled this stuff and it seems ur right! there are alot of awesome reviews!! thanks alot i didnt kno about it b4!!