Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hey everyody!! It's been a long time since i posted in english im gonna. lol

Well basically i just wanna talk about were i am right now (blog wise lol)

Right now im TRYING to manage two blogs at once!

which is actually kinda hard lol ^^

Because both blogs are the same when it comes to subject.

So i dont wanna post the exact same posts, but i dont wanna completely put different things because then i will feel like im ignoring one blog! ><;

Well anyways i feel the need to make both blogs.....good?? lol because i know that both have readers!

and i DO NOT want to disappoint my readers!! (^u^*)

Here is the LINK to my other blog that i'm rambling about! lol
and of course the link to the blog your on now!! ^^
just trying to be equal! LOL!!!

I also really want to make a video but....time, and an actual theme lol

And i feel like it's gonna MUCH later because starting next Friday i'm gonna be taking a 2 week leap of absence!! (i kinda have to, not my choice lol)

Its for school purposes, basically the same absence i took for 2 weeks last march.
anybody remember?? ^^; lol

Except that this time i will actually try to be back sooner!! lol

Thank You so much!!!!!

P.S. 今回英語で書いてすみません。英語の読者に伝えたいことあったので。


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you explaining things! And I will try to keep up all the things your doing!! I love you!! ;)

#L# said...

U could never disappoint me!! I will always check both blogs!! u really are the best!
bye bye love uuuuuu!!!

Qi said...

i am very happy for you because i feel like your success is really increasing! that means your closer to your dreams!! Continue to work hard i KNOW you can do it!
Love, Qi

Anonymous said...

wit a face like that u will never disappoint to plzz LOL!
i happy u took the time out to reach ur english readers!

Anonymous said...

OMG nooO!! i remember that little break you took last march!! it was torture for me!!! lol plz come back!! Promise!?!?!.......ok sorry about that LOL ^^;

Anonymous said...

Who is the Ann person your mentioning?