Sunday, February 8, 2009

゜*☆Renewal ☆*。

I changed my blogs layout & look!!!(^▽^*)♪♪
I think it looks cooler!!^^
What do you think...?

Soo i have been thinking lately....that...
You guys can ask questions in the comments!!
Because i always have questions for people's blogs that i read...
kinda like a Q&A!!! (>艸<)☆*。
random questions are OK!!^^

sorry if it's a stupid idea lol><;

Today i bought NIVEA Creme in the little 1oz tin container thing lol
Before i leave my house to go school i put a lot of hand lotion on my hands then put gloves on, By the time i get to school my hands FEEL dry, i hate that dry feeling on my hands!!(>Д<)
So i thought it's small size was convenient to bring to school!^^
Winter Hair & Skin care is really important everybody!!!(*´_ゝ`)

Oh i noticed i haven't been posting pictures of myself lately....hmmm... i gotta work on that lol!!(≧∪≦)♪



Blu-Cherri said...

i like it! your profile pic is cute too!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question, what nationality are you? Japanese?

Anonymous said...

same, ethnicity??