Saturday, February 7, 2009


Recently along with other blogs i check everyday
i have been checking Tsuji Nozomi's!!!(^▽^)

Tsuji Nozomi's Blog

She is the first person i liked in Hello ! Project!!!!

Her blog is fairly new but soooo sucessfull!!
She's number one in the Ameba blog ranking!!!

She is really funny, and her voice is really cute!!

This is what she looked like when
i first found out about her⤵⤵

This is her now!⤵⤵

She is still just as cute !!>< lol
Oh and she has a daughter^^
(i kinda don't wanna get into the whole "controversy" thing)

Recently i have been listening to a lot of old Morning Musume songs!
And watching funny videos of the older/graduated members on talk shows
it's really funny.
I like the older generation's members personality's better lol

I really like this song Shabondama!!

It sounds so passionate & dramatic lol

Oh and Inshouha Renoir no You ni

Both of these songs are stuck in my head!!
They'r so upbeat!!(^ω^)↑↑


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Anonymous said...

cool you like H!P too!