Friday, February 6, 2009

Hair Cut!

I got a hair cut!!

i don't know if the difference is noticeable, especially in the pictures lol
it's shorter & i got layers! i like how it turned out^^

i have like no volume now, but whatever because my hair grows TOO fast lol

I didn't want to get the back cut because i'm growing it out so it can be more evenly cut later.
I feel so bad for the hair dressers that deal with me>ω<
I always have too many specific details i want lol, i probably really annoy them.

I got my bangs cut shorter too!
Recently i have been wanting to go for a longer bang look but since my hair grows fast,
i told the hair dresser to over cut just a little.

Do you see a difference??^^; lol

Oh and BTW i covered my face on this post because i look REALLY bad in these pictures lol
i'm tired and it's evident on my face lol!


Starglowz said...

your hair looks so shiny!

ipoddock said...

i can see a slight differenve LOL

Anonymous said...

im so jealous of ur hair!;P