Saturday, March 7, 2009


ALOHA~!!♪ lol (o^ω^o)

Today i went to WAL-MART with my mom and cousins to buy dog food. but i couldn't help it and i strayed away into the skin care section lol
i knew what i wanted and i went right for it!!><
I have been reading Ekimura's Blog recently, and i saw that she uses the Dove SkinVitalizer! She likes it, and her skin looks really nice!!!><
I haven't used it yet, but i will surely blog about when i do!!

Bye x 02 (≧▽≦)ノ"

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ekimura said...

konnichiwa~ your blog is so kawaii~ and your Japanese is really good! are you half japanese? anyways thank you for stopping by my blog :3 you should put follow wedget and cbox on your page so I can leave you comments hehe but I will link it! :D