Friday, March 6, 2009

TV Program SP☆


Some people might not have understood the title↑↑ it means.....


I'm gonna be talking about the TV shows that i watch!! (≧∪≦)♪♪
I love TV! and sometimes i love to stay at home and watch TV!! (i'm not embarrassed to say it^^)

Ok, i'm just kinda gonna list them, ok??


I really like watching it!! a lot of people at my school don't like it! i only know very few people who watch it! lol ^^


I seriously love this show its always interesting! i have been watching it since i was a little kid! i feel like i've seen every episode! lol

The Girls of Hedsor Hall
Visiting Instructor Tara Conner with the cast of 'The Girls of Hedsor Hall'.
This is pretty fun to watch. The girls are always fighting & crying lol. The only thing is that new episodes come out on Saturdays at noon!!! isn't that kinda awkward timing???


I like it, i like it, I LOVE IT!!! lol  a lot of people think this show and the other ones (The Hills, Laguna Beach, etc.) are annoying and stupid. but i like them. 
I started watching Laguna Beach when i was 13!! (basically since it first came out) I've followed all the spin-offs since then so yea!! lol

Rock of Love Bus
Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels
I think it's interesting to watch. I have also seen all of the Rock of Love shows, so i though why not. The girls are....really...classy and elegant *sarcasm* lol


It's sooo funny!!!><>

Thats all i can think of now, i'm sure i have more....Oh and i only listed the ones that are currently being aired, if i didn't it would take a week to make the list!! lol

I seriously recommend to watch them!!!

BYE!!! (=⌒▽⌒=)

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