Saturday, March 14, 2009

Petit Haul

Wow the title sounds cool!! i don't even speak French lol 
ANYWAYS, i mentioned that i HAD to go by Casual/Dressy clothes for my trip to Washington DC. Well i did!!lol     i'm so glad i got that out of the way!!^^
now the only thing i'm missing is dressy shoes! Ugh all the dressy shoes i see look so ugly!! i don't know what i'm gonna do about those damn shoes!!!><;
These are some pictures i took in
 the dressing room! (^艸^) 
i kinda of feel embarrassed showing these pictures because it's the first time you guys see me in these kinds of clothes....i know they might not suit me 
i got these pants↑this shirt↑ 
and another of same shirt but different pattern (i'm only going for like two days)

Soo....i didn't just buy boring clothes. lol

I got a Ion Hair Dryer!!! i've been really wanting one!!!^^

I also got the Converse that i wanted!!! i mentioned here,remember?? 


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Anonymous said...

Aww dont be embarrassed! you look so cute in those clothes! You probably feel uncomfortable in the clothes because you dont wear them that often. but they suit you!!:3