Thursday, July 30, 2009


 Before going to work today i noticed that my night stand is really nice/fun looking!ケアベア イエロー lol 
at least i think so...
OOHH and i found this collage that i made about 2 years ago! 
I made it when i first started becoming a fan of ◯◯◯◯ (^ω^;)
キラキラI hung it up on my wall!!キラキラ
She looks so different now! ビックリ
星岩田ののかオフィシャルブログ「NonokaBondage」Powered by Ameba-img0001.gif星
I have this random story that fits fits in with this post because its RANDOM! LOL

Well im so mixed feeling-y(lol) towards my co-workers. I like them but sometimes i hate them! lol After i do something kinda mean to them i feel so GUILTY about it! it's really bothering me!!! (>∩<) I have to choose one!!! MEAN or NICE!! or maybe i dont have to be mean maybe just not get too close... because thats what i tend to do.あせるあせる

ANYWAYS sorry i had to blog about it!
Oh and heres a random pic!!! lol

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Anonymous said...

~LOVE~ the first two pictures and how they're so *KIRA~KIRA*. ^^