Sunday, August 2, 2009

~My Berryz Koubou Collection~

Some may know, some may not, but i'm a HUGE Berryz Koubou fan!! (>ω<)

So i decided to do my post on my Berryz goods!

キラキラThese are the CDs i have↓↓キラキラ
きらきらI have Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, Seishun Bus Guide/Rival, Special Best Vol. 1 CD+DVD, Madayade CD+DVD, and 5 (FIVE)きらきら

キラキラThese are my Berryz DVDs!!↓↓キラキラ
きらきらAlo-Hello, BERIKORE, Berryz vs. ℃-ute concert, 
Sakura Mankai concert!!!きらきら

Oh and Sono Subete no Ai ni will be here any day now

I love getting/watching their LIVE concerts!!りんオフィシャルブログ「りん・りん」Powered by Ameba-hnffmzpfvuhdqjm.gif

I know i dont have THAT much but i want to collect more and more!!
I wanna see other peoples H!P collections!!

きらきら!!bye x02きらきら!!

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