Friday, August 7, 2009



So today i didn't really do much i just relaxed. 
OH i took care my baby cousin for like 2 hours, went to my job, then went to the bank!
so it was pretty boring....

These pics are me in bed↓↓

OMG  i just noticed the shirt i slept in and the shirt i wore today are both baby blue!! lol
BTW i'm starting to like baby blue shirts and stuff, i should get more....?

Eating a Ice Cream, Chocolate, Taco, thing...? lol

i ONLY drink water!!! im so proud of myself!! ^^
 Has anyone noticed that im letting my bangs grow longer?? NO? i thought so lol
i wanna let them grow 1 centimeter or 2 more (im all technical lol)

This is a Pic from March↓↓ I wanna let it grow this long
This pic is from June↓↓ WAY shorter right??
i'll probably get to the length that i want in like a few weeks (my hair grows FAST!)

wow this has seriously been a random post lol ^^;



Anonymous said...

CUTE~!!! all the pics are cute! enjoy your summer school will start soon!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with you ;)

Qi said...

YAY! you posted pics on this post! I have a question about your Skin. Im going to ask on your CBOX since i haven't seen you answer in the comments.

Anonymous said...

The picture with the pitch fork SURGES with KOAKUMALICIOUSNESS!!~ Its all for a purpose. ^^