Monday, August 10, 2009


So recently i haven't been buying anything because im "TRYING" to save
So i cant really do post about recent purchases...あせるあせる

i have just been working, and hanging out with my family.
i wanna hang out with friends!!!><;; but work, and the friends make it kinda difficult lol

But i have to say i like going to work!! everyone is so nice!! (my co-workers, NOT the customers jk lol) We've become close! (≧∪≦)

So im gonna show some random pics!!! (^▽^*)♪♪
My recent Happy meal toy collection! i love them!!ドキドキ

キラキラAlso I been drawing... 
I use to draw a lot of Manga when i was younger but i lost interest and stopped lolキラキラ
it's from Chokotto Hime♪♪
I know it's not good, but i do it as a passtime ^^;; literally so boring TIME can PASS lol!!



Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! both the animals and the drawing!! i never heard of that series. Lucky!! that You actually like your job LOL! Good luck saving money! Good Bye!

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Koakuma! Were do you work? hmmm I could imagine you being a sales person or something LOL i also imagine you get hit on all the time by customers haha

Qi said...

Hello! Wow nice drawing! Remember how I asked for a Skin Care post request? I am also curious about how you take care of your hair, if you do. (or is it naturally perfect? LOL) sorry for so many requests. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Those Bennie Babies are TYPE CUTE~*