Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~today's play~


So today i spent time with my cousins!! (^▽^*)
I woke up, got ready and went to the train station!

It's been soo HOT recently!! The sun was burning hot! Good thing i wore sun block!! 

I took this pic at the station↓↓
i kinda have a fascination  with rail road tracks lol (≧∪≦)

This one's at the station too↓↓
i look weird!!!!!><;;

I bought these erasers!!
i bought a lot more but they were gifts for my cousins!! (^ω^)♪♪
this crepe one is soo cute!! lol
I bought my cousins a bunch of stuff!! I bought Me and my cousins matching Spongebob calendars!!! It was 89 cents!!!><

I also got this planner. i'm gonna use it to write my work hours! It's small enough to fit in my back pocket! It was 69 cents!!!

I really need to go back to that store to get these standing/flip mirrors that were only 1$!!! i don't know why i didn't get one!!><;; 

I also went to the mall but didn't buy anything there, i just ate lol

Then we all went to a park were we jumped around an played on the swings!! it was fun!!♪♪

then i went home...

im soo tired! and i work tomorrow!!//* 

omg it's almost midnight!

GoodNight! BYE//*


Anonymous said...

im so envious of people that see you in the street (not being creepy) ur so CUTE!!!>< i've never seen someone who looks like u! are you like a celebrity were ever you go?? LOL do you get a lot of stares? And seriously, u should consider entering the industry!

ps im gonna comment more often

Anonymous said...

To the person above!
"Thats what I like to hear" your an awesome fan of Little Koakuma!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOW u werent lying when u said ur hair growz fast!! ur bangs are longer! looks good!!