Thursday, August 13, 2009


Good Evening!! lol

So today i got my penguin!!!! I love it!! I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!!><>
his belly is so chubby and squeezable!!!><
Im starting to love Penguins, because someones nickname is penguin.....sorry im probably confusing people lol 

Anyways i used this Shiseido Hair Treatment today!♪♪
It smells soo good! and leaves my hair smooth!! ^^
Heres a pic of me with it on↑↑ Gross wet hair pic!! lol
I usually slick my hair back when i use treatments but today i only used it for like 15 minutes. 
i usually leave treatments/masks for like 3~5 hours. 
But i dont have time for that recently...



Dylan said...

I love penguins too! your hair is really straight when its wet. For a while i thought you straightened your hair, but now i know you don't. LOL BTW are you part Asian?

BBFL said...

How is "penguin" anyways?? lmaoo
LOVE the plush~