Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vitamin C & Bangs


im feeling better today!♪♪ ^^

Ok so im gonna try to eat a lot of foods with Vitamin C!!!
Like Broccoli & Strawberrys!! i love them both!!><
My bangs are growing, aren't they? lol
You could really see it in this CREEPY pic↓↓ lol
its like something from a scary movie! lol

Oh thanks for so many comments on my last post! i was really surprised

Thanks for reading!!♪ im gonna do my best to be interesting! and im gonna do my best in eating a lot of vitamin C!! lol



Anonymous said...

Cute red shirt!! And Your hair looks so healthy and shiny I'm so jealous!

Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

Wow your hair is STRAIGHT!!! why were you wearing a dressy shirt? Oh and Yes your bangs are getting longer.

Blu-Cherri said...

Second pic is AMAZING!!

BBFL said...

"This light makes my face red as hell, i goota go fix this lighting sitchiation" lmaoo.
黒い盛り! IEI

BBFL said...

"OHH this light make me look CUTE~. Thats better Lights, camera, action!" (INSIDER)