Thursday, September 3, 2009


I started packing for my trip!!!!

My room looks kinda messy because i have clothes all over the place lol
It's only gonna be 3 or 2 days ^^; lol

but im just deciding what im gonna bring!!//**

i was trying on a whole bunch of random things all at ounce! lol
I think it looked kinda cool! lol
YAY! im excited!!! (≧∪≦)

BYE! Peace-CHU~!! lol


Anonymous said...

Soo cute!!! Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow u look great as always! thanks for posting pics!!

Anonymous said...

The clothes, hat, & glasses look awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Cutie!Cutie!Cutie!Cutie!Cutie!.....oh and ur bangs look so much longer! LOL

Anonymous said...

U look like a celeb wit the sunglasses!!! love it, and u~!!!!<3

Anonymous said...

ur def a cutie dude

BBFL said...

LOVE~the HAT! I needz to get me one in NY! (^.-)