Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello Everybody!!
Today was my FIRST day of school!!
I haven't been able to post recently! ^^;

Oh and don't worry my answers to the Q&A are gonna happen//* 
I don't want people to think they wasted their time lol

This is what i bought myself recently!! (^∪^)
A Rilakkuma Plush & Mirror!!

I use to like Rilakkuma, now i do AGAIN! lol ^^

I really want more Rilakkuma plushes!!(>∩<)

I'm gonna need to go buy school supplies today lol
I wanna get everything in Blue!! (>ω<)

Oh and i also need to get a few travel sized things because im going on a trip with my family tomorrow!! (≧∪≦)



Anonymous said...

Those things are so cute!! Good Luck in school!! Oh its so cute how you seemed to be spoiled by your friends!!^^ They give you shirts, and plushies! LOL But of course your spoiled!
I'm excited for your answers!! BYE!

Anonymous said...

OMG Rilakuma!!!!! I want it!! LOL

Qi said...

Those things are almost as cute as you! haha
I'm glad you were able to enjoy your summer vacation! now to hit the books! BYE

BBFL said...

If only he would hit the books! lmaoo. JK! (>.<)