Sunday, September 20, 2009

Q&A: Answers

Ok so i'm FINALLY gonna do my Q&A: Answers!!!!

Some questions might not have the answer below them because the Hair Care Questions, Request poses, Picture of my Room request, and Bangs up question will all be answered to in another post! since most of these meant adding pictures! SORRY!!

My hair care will be it's own post!! because it was the one i got asked most about!! and i think it deserves a lot of detail!! lol

Well OK here we go~!!!!!!!!

YESSSS!!! first comment!!!
Um... wats ur DOB? and age? pretty simple sorry

~1992/july/3rd im SEVENTEEN!!!

Can u show some pics of ur room i only see bits of it in the background of pics! thanks!!^^

What is your favorite music? artist?
And what do you use for your Hair?

I love Berryz Koubou! Recently i have been liking Acid Black Cherry!

We're do you shop for you clothes?

H&M, American Eagle, EXPRESS

How did u make your picture soo glittery and nice?


Do you have any pets??

Yes! 2 dogs!!

How do you always do such Cute poses and faces?? bette than any other i've seen!!

Thank YOu!! i think i just do what i think will make the picture look more exciting!

Whats ur Favorite Character??
What do u read most often? Like latest read books? mags?
Fashion Magazines, and sometimes Manga but not currently

I love Stitch, Spongebob, Mickey, Rilakkuma!! etc.

what color goes best with ur skin complexion??

i like how i look in WHITE!

How do you keep your Lips that?? LOL

I apply vaseline often, and before i go to bed. Also every morning i use a loofah on my lips!!

Do u have a job? And how long have u been workin?

YES! i hav a job! i've been working since April 09

Wat do you use for ur frangrance? if any??

Paris Hilton For Men, The Body Shop's strawberry body butter!

^Hair care!pleeeeeezzz

Your hair color is soooo nice! Do u like ur color or do u wish u had different hair color?

I don't think it's nice lol It's PLAIN!! I wish i had brown hair! but i don't wanna dye it...

I've have read many comments to you saying you should become a model. are you interested in that??

YESSS! im very interested in that! sounds fun!!! I love taking pictures!!


Acid Black Cherry's Black Cherry, some Berryz's song lol, Nishino Kana's Tokutemo

What do you plan on doing after high school?

Going to Japan~!!

Whos ur favorite H!P member(s)??

Matsuura Aya, Tsuji Nozomi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako, Fukuda Kanon many more!!

Whos ur fav Berryz member?? I LOVE MOMO!!

Risako & MOMO!!! i love her too~!!! lol

Your def the cutest WOTA! and H!O agrees!! LOL Do you feel you fit in with the WOTA community?

THANK YOU!!! i think i do fit in because i am just as much as a fan as they are!! YAY!

wat cell phone do u have?
wat camera do u use for ur blog pics?

An LG Venus! i use it for my blog pics!!

Were do you hang out with friends?

Hallways & School lol, and train station, malls, their & my house!!

What wallet do you use currently?

My DC wallet!

How does one become your friend?

You gotta be funny! and supportive and kind! i don't like people who put me down or are jealous...

Can you post doing a "Shh" pose? Like Finger at mouth. and a winking pic! thanks

Are you a Koakuma when it comes to love...? LOL ^^

Honestly.....YES! i think i am!! lol SERIOUSLY! lol

Are you interested in making videos for YouTube? I bet a lot of ppl interested in seeing that! BYE!

Seems fun but IDK i dont like how my voice sounds! lol ^^;

OOOH wat do u look like with ur bangs up?!!?

Do you wear sunblock?

Always on my face, but body...sometimes i forget, i DEF should though!

Do u do anything specific for Diet and exercise?? THANK U!!!

No i don't! i wish i did! i wanna do a Diet for the sake of my skin!!><

are u a good student or a bad student?....that sounds odd LOL

BAD BAD BAD student!!! lol

Wat u look for in a friend?
Do u like video games?

Humor, and Kindness

I love my DS, and SOME PS2 games!!

Hair care & tips? thank you so much! always love your blog!!^_^

I think you are very unique, and rare! Do you think so too?!?! ILOVEU!!!!

Yes i believe no one is like me~!!!! lol
I love u!!! lol

U have seen the comments to ur posts, and ppl say ur "cute" "gorgeous" "sexy", etc etc, wat do u think about ur physical appearance? im very interested to see ur answer! BYE

I dont think i'm cute at all!! i usually think i'm ugly!! i'm always complaing about the way i look...

You cant be PERFECT (mayb you can) so do you have any bad habbits??? hehe

Sometimes i'll move my lips to what people are saying, but i don't notice!! lol i put my hands near my face/mouth a lot! Touch my hair A LOT!

What drinks do you love?
Do you have any tips for a great picture?

WATER!!!!! and Yoo-Hoo!! lol

Why did you stop posting around March, then started posting slowly but surely around April but in Japanese?

I was very busy with school activities back in March, after that i kinda forgot about blogging and got use to not posting. I posted in Japanese for a while because i wanted more Japanese readers!

wat are ur Top 3 favorite Berryz Koubou songs?!?

Special Generation


Sayonara Hageshiki Koi

AND a lot more! it's hard to choose!!

Who is the girl that u made a collage of in the "GUILTY" post??? very very curious!!!!><


Which is ur FAV BERRYZ concert? mine would have to be....their 2006 Summer!!! good luck answering, i kno its a hard choice lol

Sakura Mankai & Sono Subete no Ai ni!! I also love 2006 summer i wanna buy it!!><

Do you currently use Kerastase serum?

YEPPPP! i love it!!





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THANK UUUUUUUU!!! i couldnt wait!!!

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Humor is def important!! im not suprised u dont like jealousy, u probably have a lot of ppl who r jealous of u!! but remember ur true friends!! Hopefully theyr not jealous! jk LOL

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i'm excited for ur room & hair care!!!! thanks!

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OMG ur habbits are very Odd and CUTE!!! thanks so much!!!

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U r right!! no one is like u!!! and the lip care is very helpful!! thanks!!!

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Don't forget ur sunblock!! LOL

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i love ur H!P knowledge!!! lol

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Kana Nishino's Tokutemo is my favorite!!!! love u more now!!!

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You definetly make the pics "exciting" LOL

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Thank You!!

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Thank u Sweety!! ^^

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THANKS!! mayb u should also do Skin Care along with hair care....PLEASEEEEEEE!!! LOL

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Wow u speak Japanese Im so impressed! even though i cant :( LOL

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YAY now that u did the answers it means u can get back to regular posting without feeling guilty!!! atleast thats what i hope!! Thank You!!

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Wow thank you for answering so many questions!

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I feel like i kno more about u now!! im glad! thanks!