Saturday, September 26, 2009

MY BOOM: Plaid☆


i think it looks soo COOL & MODERN!!
It's also really popular!! Every store i go to has something plaid!!
Finally something that i like and it's easy to find in this country!!! lol

Heres a picture of my plaid clothes!!♪♪
In the left corner you can see  a plaid pillow! (>艸<)

They are pillow cases, and i made them myself!! 
I'm really proud of myself!! (^ω^)


anyways here are some pictures of the past days/weeks!!

Me doing homework/studying♪♪
it rarely happens so i thought why not take a pic! LOL
I actually sent that pic to my friend! i don't know why i have been doing that a lot recently! lol

Rolling Stone with Megan Fox on the cover!!☆☆
I like her a lot!! (≧∪≦)♪

and at school!
gonna go watch Twilight for the first time! because i bought the DVD today!!!!
wish me luck lol


Anonymous said...

I love plaid too!! Oh and i hope you enjoy Twilight it's a great movie!!

Anonymous said...

WOW u r soo talented i cant believe u made those pillow cases!! u even put lace on them they look great!
and i love the studying pic!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of plaid!! UR CUTE~!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute AND creative!! plaid is definetly IN!!!

Anonymous said...

Ur friend is really lucky that u send him/her random pics!! LOL I also think plaid is really cool! i also like checkered things!