Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello Everybody--!!//*
I haven't blogged in SOO LONG!!
Sorry~~!! (>w<)

I have been having a lot of fun recently with my friends & school and stuff! ^^
But I really miss blogging!! and i actually have been taking a lot of pictures too!! (so thats not an excuse lol)

OK so....the title of this post...
it's been a YEAR since i started my blog!!

I cant believe I actually have continued with blogging (i usually quit everything lol) ^^;

I took this picture at McDonald's around a week ago when i went with my friend after school!! It's always fun!!

Oh BTW i cut my hair today~!! It isn't that noticeable though lol



Anonymous said...

It's about time LOL That pic is so cute! i love your bangs!!

Anonymous said...

At least your absence is for a good reason because ur having alot of fun! :) I missed seeing new pics! BYE

67 said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! LOL it's been a year of major cuteness and nice eyes! ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

happy birthday little koakuma

Bunny Kaisui said...

Yay! I'm happy you're back ^_^

Niice, 1 year! Hope there's a lot more to come!!!

You look cute as always~~ Have a nice day ;D

bunny kaisui

PD: I'm happy you like my dance videos =D and yeah! Skirt Hirari is one of my favorites AKB48 songs ^^!

Anonymous said...

omg it has been long! how hav u been?