Tuesday, November 17, 2009


YESSSS!!!! I'm really excited!! because tomorrow for the FIRST time i'm gonna go see a Dermatologist!!!! (^ω^)♪♪

I hope he will be able to HELP me out~!! ><;
Oh wait it's a she.....? lol
This picture↑↑
is from the same day as the one on my last post♪♪

You can kinda see my friend! I love her!!! she's so funny, crazy, and a REALLY good artist!!!
I'm so happy we have gotten very close this school year! (>ω<)♥♥
Hopefully this weekend we can go to the mall!! lol

Like i said shes a really good artist, most of my friends are artistic or talented in music, or are smart and get good grades~~!!

WHY CANT I BE LIKE THEM!?! (>∀<) lol




Qi said...

Thats great that your going to a dermatologist!! It might end up being more money you save in the end. Your friend seems like a great girl. Shes very lucky to have you as a friend! I'm really happy you are back on your posting game hehe

Anonymous said...

You look very cute!! u and ur friend have opposite hair! hers is blond and curly and yours is black and straight LOL

Anonymous said...

It's so cute that you think so high of your friends, i agree with everyone else and i bet that they admire you as much as you do them! i like those 2 pics!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the doctors!! :)

Alicia said...

OMG in october i saw you in fordham!! Im pretty sure it was you!! I was gonna come up and say hi and ask for a picture but i wasnt sure what to do! THANK YOU BYE